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Each Ameristrong Partnership Program is designed to maximize awareness, consumer engagement, and ultimately action with the participating members. Unlike traditional cooperative or partnership programs with restrictive and often cumbersome structures, Ameristrong programs are designed to be simple, intuitive, and highly focused on what matters most — gaining awareness for your brand regardless of the product you carry. Because as an American small and independent business, your total success and the energy you have to show up and serve your customers each day is what matters most. It is our job to keep the clicks coming, the door swinging, and the passion alive and well in the core of your business.

Ameristrong programs go beyond the brand and focus on the core of what the community is engaging with and ultimately trusting you, the men and women on the front line each day.

About Jewelry Program
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New Industries that WE SERVE

  • Art & Antique Program
  • Automotive Program
  • Bedding & Linen Program
  • Collectibles & Precious Metals Program
  • Construction Program
  • Defense & First Responders Program
  • Dental Program
  • Electric & Battery Program
  • Engine Program
  • Energy Services Program
  • Eyewear & Accessories Program
  • Family Entertainment Center Program
  • Fashion & Accessories Program
  • Financial Services Program
  • Flooring & Surfaces Program
  • Food & Beverage Program
  • Furniture & Decor Program
  • Health & Wellness Program
  • Home Appliance Program
  • Home & Decor Program
  • HVAC Program
  • Insurance Program
  • Jewelry Program
  • Landscaper Program
  • Legal & Accounting Program
  • Marine & Boating Program
  • Mass Transportation Program
  • Motorsports Program
  • Music & Entertainment Program
  • Non-Profit Program
  • Nutrition & Fitness Program
  • Outdoor Lifestyle Program
  • Outdoor Power Program
  • Pets & Vets Program
  • Real Estate Program
  • Recruitment Program
  • Software & Technology Program
  • Specialty Manufacturing Program
  • Sporting Goods Program
  • Travel & Hospitality Program
  • Windows & Door Program

Learn more about our Participant Criteria


Your business is local, and you are committed to providing best in class services and support to the community in which you serve.


Your business respects and values your team members and their contributions.


Your business has a world of experience and lessons learned and you are ready to share them.


Your business is willing to participate on a pro rata basis for your contribution based on others.


Your business values partners over vendor and is committed to working together as a team.

Individual Services beyond the program

We know that getting the customer is often just the start of the journey. The real work begins behind the scenes as you and your team take on the responsibility of turning that sale into a lifetime of trust and opportunity, all of which requires everything your team has and sometimes a little bit of what it does not. That's why we developed a suite of services to assist with some of the more tedious tasks so that you and your team can get back to doing what you do best.

The Databar

The Databar

Odds are your team is swimming in a sea of data and the tools and experience needed to turn that data into insights can be challenging. That is where our team of data scientists can dive into new markets to find out where your current and potential customers are.

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Verification & Insights

Verification & Insights

Did you get what you paid for? Did that ad really run as planned? Did you reach the right audience? These are some of the most important questions you can ask and ones that our team has decades of experience in answering.

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Compliance & Co-op Utilization

Compliance & Co-op Utilization

It is said that there is over $50 billion in un-used co-op each and every year. Ask yourself: How much of that is mine? Where do I find it? Where should I be investing it to capture the opportunities of today? At Ameristrong, we make co-op simple and we make it work for you.

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Cause Connections

Cause Connections

We believe that small business can save the world and it all starts by connecting good people with great non-profits to share the stories of people truly working together to make a difference not only on Main Street, but on every street. When we all work together, we can make a difference far beyond the bottom line.

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Specialty Marketplaces & Lead Generation

Specialty Marketplaces & Lead Generation

The top of the funnel is just as important as what comes out the other side. Yet, managing the quality of those leads and appointments is often left to bots and automated systems that are not thinking what is best for you, but rather what keywords generates the most clicks. We believe you deserve better than that.

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Recruitment and Retention

Recruitment and Retention

We all know our people are the greatest assets, and in the world today, good people are getting harder and harder to find. Yet, with the right message in the right place at the right time, those conversations are a little more frequent and little easier when everyone knows where you stand, what you stand for, and how you can stand together.

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Creative, Strategy & Field Events

Creative, Strategy & Field Events

It is not what you say, but how you make people feel that often matters most. Your creative messaging strategies and in-person events are not just the first impression your customers have, they are the springboard of your current and future success. If you are not satisfied with these areas of your business, it's time to talk.

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Personal Advertising Advisor

Personal Advertising Advisor

You have a lot on your plate and not every business can afford to invest in a full-time marketing manager to steward your brand, manage your website, research media in your market, negotiate, purchase and traffic creative for said media, etc. We can help.

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