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Ameristrong is a proud supporter and advocate of the following organizations and their missions.

Tribute to
Valor foundation

The Tribute to Valor Foundation has been influencing, impacting, and inspiring students in STEAM curriculum since 2018, with the goal of teaching them how important new technology has been to improving the lives of wounded, ill, or injured service members. Through their experience protecting our country, new generations will be inspired to follow their brave example.

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Medal of honor foundation

The Medal of Honor Society has been working since 1999 to connect youth and their experiences to those of Medal of Honor recipients. They seek to serve as role models, educational experiences, values education, and more through their programs that channel the values behind the Medal of Honor.

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Lives foundation

Resurrecting Lives Foundation: Many of our country's heroes have suffered grievous injuries, many to their brain leaving them with Traumatic Brain Inquiries (TBI). The RLF works to assist their local hospitals and clinics to provide services and support to families and friends who are helping the veterans who need it most.

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