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You are probably already familiar with #GivingTuesday, which falls on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. GivingTuesday has recognized that many non-profits are in need during these uncertain times. Tuesday May 5th, is #GivingTuesdayNow, when we all will have an opportunity to unite and feel connected as we stand behind the mission of the Tribute to Valor Foundation in a gesture of generosity.

Our Mission at Tribute to Valor is to inspire the youth of America as we urge them to ask themselves “Who am I?” and to answer by reflecting on the six core values of the Medal of Honor: COURAGE, SACRIFICE, COMMITMENT, INTEGRITY, PATRIOTISM and CITIZENSHIP. These are the standards that all of us should reflect upon during these uncertain times as our nation is asked to join together like never before. We accomplish our goals by working with school districts to identify students whose character reflects the six core values of the Medal of Honor. At The Tribute to Valor Foundation, we also grant scholarships to those who have worked hard to develop these qualities, encouraging them to carry these values into their higher level education experience and future careers. We also work with school districts to bring Medal of Honor recipients, those who have earned our nation’s highest decoration for valor in combat, to engage with students through assemblies, workshops, presentations, and unique immersive experiences. This latter portion of our program may require that we go digital as we adjust to the new normal. Please join us in our mission.

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Take a moment to watch this powerful video and ask yourself … “Who am I?”

Tribute to Valor Foundation
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